ziggieretriever's Journal

4 April 1987
Spokane, Washington, United States
Westview Elementary School - Spokane WA (1992 - 1999)
Libby Center Odyssey Program - Spokane WA (1999 - 2001)
Lewis and Clark High School - Spokane WA (2001 - 2005)
Central Washington University - Ellensburg WA (2005 - 2007)
Interests: (61)
africa, babies, bach, barlowgirl, bible study, braille, braille literacy, casting crowns, child care, child development, child development theorists, children's books, children's choirs, children's choral music, choral music, christian education, christian music, coffee, cookies, culture, dogs, early childhood christian education, early childhood education, early intervention, education, food, friends, gilmore girls, godly play, golden retrievers, good conversation, good quotes, handel, infant-toddler care, infants, italy, joy williams, learning, montessori, music, my dogs, naeyc, parachute band, piaget, preschool, pudding, rambling about ducks, reggio emilia, religion, research, singing, special education, special needs ministry, tapioca, teaching, toddlers, torey hayden, vivaldi, writing, young children, youth choirs
Well, my journal is being written as I am going through college. I'm majoring in choral music education, so much of what I write centers around my college activities. I love children; educating myself about child learning and development is another interest of mine. My journal also talks about my life as a Christian. Musing about things has always been a passtime for me and, lucky LJ, I've found somewhere to ramble online. Anyway, feel free to friend me and enjoy the randomness.